WOD: 7-13-12

Strength:  100 Hollow Rocks for time

WOD: 10 min AMRAP of:

30 Power Clean (75/45)
30 Power Clean (135/75)
30 Power Clean (165/100)
Power Clean AMRAP of: (210/120)

This workout is scored in the same fashion as 12.2. 1 point for every successful Power Clean.


I would find it hard to believe that even though I have included a link every day this week for the CrossFit Games, that some of you may not know that already three events have taken place.  Here are the results.  The remainder of the action starts today!  Check back on the website or come to Reebok CrossFit Back Bay and ask coaches for an update in the case that you don’t own a computer and are always connected to the internet.

Before this workout gets out of control please be aware of that the volume can crush you.  Power Cleaning 75/55 pounds is no problem, even 30 times.  However, if you go too fast, you can bet that the first Power Clean at 135/75 is going to feel a lot heavier than normal when  you are completely out of breath.  After that it will all be downhill.  A good plan, good footwork, and good form will be needed for those looking to get into the 210 lbs. Power Clean.  Even if you are going to scale make sure you go up in loads every 30 reps up to 4 times.  Nothing fancy other than this today, it is late and I have some more handstands to do tomorrow…

Don’t forget to hook grip!,



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